Let’s Focus on the God Who Is Bigger

How do we love our neighbor well when fear seems to be ruling the day?

How Can Confession Actually Change Things?

Recently we’ve been talking about the spiritual discipline of confession. (Speaking of confession, I love this song!) We've looked at the Scriptural call to confess our sins—to God and to one another. We've considered what confession is, including self-examination, acknowledgement of our sin, accepting God’s forgiveness, and changed lives. At one point I suggested that … Continue reading How Can Confession Actually Change Things?

A Call to Honesty: The Gift of Confession

Maybe our frequent cultural conception of sin as being simply personal, something between me and my God, needs to be reconsidered. Even if my sin doesn't have an impact on another person, how is the body harmed when I am not fully experiencing the work of the Spirit in transforming me into the image of Jesus?

3 Reasons Community Matters for Our Faith

Community isn’t just about what we get out of it. It’s about how we journey together.

How To Respond When Community Seems Impossible

Reach out to those people that haven’t been around in a while. Don’t just show up for them when it’s convenient. Show up when you are able. Reaching out to those who are struggling is often inconvenient. Sometimes it’s downright difficult and painful. But sometimes loving our neighbor means showing up when they can’t.

Why Community Matters in the In Between Places

When we are suffering—or even just struggling—we are not to do it alone. We celebrate together. We mourn together. We struggle together. We emerge from the wilderness surrounded by those who've helped carry our burdens. And through it all, we help others carry theirs too.