Holy, Chosen, and Dearly Loved

Confession isn't primarily about focusing on how awful I am or how badly I've blown it. It's about grace and forgiveness.

A Call to Honesty: The Gift of Confession

Maybe our frequent cultural conception of sin as being simply personal, something between me and my God, needs to be reconsidered. Even if my sin doesn't have an impact on another person, how is the body harmed when I am not fully experiencing the work of the Spirit in transforming me into the image of Jesus?

Life In Between: Engaging in Spiritual Disciplines

Sometimes we live in between the places of plea and praise in the lament psalms. We have taken our circumstances to God, expressing them with brutal honesty. That doesn’t mean God has changed our situation or even our perspective yet. Sometimes we’re stuck waiting for Him to act. Sometimes it can even feel like we’re … Continue reading Life In Between: Engaging in Spiritual Disciplines

Widows, Orphans, & Foreigners Still Matter

We can always find a reason to not help that person or that group, but are we willing to look Jesus in the eye and tell Him our reasons for not helping those whom He loved?