Why Do I Do the Things I Hate?

Finding an Answer I Wasn't Even Seeking Back in November I went to what my husband calls my “Bible geek conferences.” While reconnecting with friends from all over the world is probably my favorite part of these meetings, the exhibit halls full of “Bible geek books” runs a close second. I usually go with a … Continue reading Why Do I Do the Things I Hate?

How Can Confession Actually Change Things?

Recently we’ve been talking about the spiritual discipline of confession. (Speaking of confession, I love this song!) We've looked at the Scriptural call to confess our sins—to God and to one another. We've considered what confession is, including self-examination, acknowledgement of our sin, accepting God’s forgiveness, and changed lives. At one point I suggested that … Continue reading How Can Confession Actually Change Things?

When Did You Last Take a Good, Hard Look?

When the New Year knocks at the door, many people adopt New Year’s resolutions. Others choose theme words, theme verses, or even 30-day challenges to start the year, hoping to kick start a new habit. Two years ago I started journaling in January. (No, I’m not about to insist that you start!) It wasn’t so … Continue reading When Did You Last Take a Good, Hard Look?

A Call to Honesty: The Gift of Confession

Maybe our frequent cultural conception of sin as being simply personal, something between me and my God, needs to be reconsidered. Even if my sin doesn't have an impact on another person, how is the body harmed when I am not fully experiencing the work of the Spirit in transforming me into the image of Jesus?