Praying Scripture – 6/24/2020

2 LORD, I have heard of your fame;
I stand in awe of your deeds, LORD.
Repeat them in our day,
in our time make them known;
in wrath remember mercy.

Habakkuk 3:2

Merciful Lord,
Generations of Your people have sought You and Your mercy. I have heard of Your great deeds—the exodus from Egypt; the walls of Jericho; Your fire falling from heaven to consume water-soaked wood and stone; the defeat of Sennacherib; deliverance in the lions’ den; tongues of fire at Pentecost; most amazingly, the resurrection of Your Son. I have seen Your faithfulness in my own life, even if I forget it far too easily. You deliver. You give victory in the face of certain defeat. You bring life from death. You are working in Your way and in Your time to bring Your kingdom on earth. I do not deserve Your grace and mercy. None of us do. I confess that I fall short of Your desires for me. But in spite of all my shortcomings, I ask that You will intervene in our world. Deliver us once again. Repeat Your awesome deeds in our day, bringing love, justice, and peace. Make Yourself known and remember Your creation with mercy rather than wrath. Make me an instrument of Your love, mercy, and grace. Transform my heart and let that transformation serve those around me, honoring You in all things. In Jesus’ precious and holy name I pray. Amen.

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