Two Christians & a Jew

The last six months have been crazy at our house. I’m guessing you feel the same way.

Life during Covid with an autistic son who lost his structure while dealing with surging hormones has meant that I’ve had to re-prioritize and re-balance almost everything. Blogging was something that had to be set aside for awhile, but I’ve missed you.

As things began to settle a bit when school started up part-time in August, I started thinking about writing again. Honestly, though, I didn’t know what to say. I felt empty. Tired. I simply didn’t feel like I had anything left to give anyone. But God . . .

In this season, I’ve avoided social media. For some “unknown” reason, though, one day out of the blue I decided to check Twitter. It was the first time in months. As I scrolled, I saw some friends having a conversation about a possible new podcast geared towards helping Christians better understand the Old Testament/Hebrew Scriptures, especially from a Jewish perspective. What fun! I told them I’d definitely give it a listen, thinking it would give me something interesting to listen to while doing the dishes or continuing to unpack from our move. But God . . .

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, but God had other plans. I’m now co-hosting this podcast with another Christian and an Orthodox Jew. We’re digging into the biblical text, considering the different ways we read and interpret it, and discussing how these texts matter for our lives today.

Not only does this project give me something fun and life-giving right now, it has started giving me food for thought and, hopefully, something to share with you here. My plan in the coming months is to talk about some of my personal reactions to what we learn and explore on this podcast with you. Maybe I’m feeling empty, but God is using others to fill me up, teaching me more about himself, his people, and about his word in this season. Maybe I feel done, but God is showing me that he isn’t.

Below is a link to our first episode. It’s also available on Stitcher, Spotify, and Apple Podcasts. Our website is I’d love to hear what you think or if you have any particular texts or topics you’d like us to cover! I hope you’ll come along for the ride.

#7 Covenant, Circumcision, and the Life of Abraham Two Christians and a Jew

Dottie Rogers, writer, therapist, educator, and scholar, joins us to talk about brit milah, covenant, circumcision, and the life of Abram-Abraham.Follow Dottie on Twitter and read her writing.Please SUBSCRIBE to the podcast wherever you listen, give us a 5-star rating and a glowing review, share the podcast with your friends, family, and community, and consider supporting our work on Patreon. We're very happy to hear your thoughts, so connect with us! Two Christians and a Jew has a Facebook page; we also have a Facebook discussion group.Get more Dr. Jen on her blog and on Twitter @JenBrownJones. Get more Frank on his blog and on Twitter @Paceaux.Get more Meir-Simchah on Twitter @meirsimchah and teaching Hebrew, Bible, theology, or philosophy, from a Jewish perspective (+972 546375740, music was arranged and performed by the fabulous David Frankel.
  1. #7 Covenant, Circumcision, and the Life of Abraham
  2. #6 "In the Image of God" with Prof. Carmen Joy Imes
  3. #5 Zachariah & the Flow of the Golden Lamp with Prof. Mark Boda
  4. #4 Eve and the Snake with Shaneen Thompson
  5. #3 Following Jesus' Donkeys from Matthew 21 to Zachariah, 'Fulfillment Passages', & Different Messiahs, with Laura Robinson

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11 thoughts on “Two Christians & a Jew

  1. Reblogged this on Meghan E White and commented:
    Please check out this brand new podcast called, Two Christians & A Jew. One of the Christian’s is fellow blogger, Jennifer Brown Jones. Jennifer is a Professor of Old Testament with a PhD in Christian Theology. She is smart, and very down to Earth. The co-hosts are wonderful as well. One is a Christian and the other is an Orthodox Jew. If you are like me, and want to learn more about Hebrew scripture from a fresh new perspective go to the link and give their first podcast a listen. It’s honest, interesting, and very informative. You just might learn something new.


      1. If you have any topics that you’d find particularly interesting, let me know! Most episodes will have a guest, which will direct the discussion quite a bit. (Traci Rhoades @tracesoffaith is our first guest!) But interest in particular topics may drive some of our guest choices. 🙂

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  2. Hi Jennifer,
    I am about a third of the way through your first podcast and I am really enjoying it! I have reblogged this post and shared it on social media. It’s important what you three are doing and I am looking forward to your future podcasts. Thanks for stepping out and doing this.God bless you podcast!


    1. Meghan, I somehow missed this first comment – I’m so sorry! Thank you again for listening and sharing. We’re getting ready to post our third episode shortly and just recorded the fourth. If you have time, I’ll look forward to your input or thoughts!

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