What Really Drives Our Poor Choices?

When we get up in the morning, what is motivating our choices? Jamie Smith suggests that our vision of “the good life” is a key driver. But how do we envision “the good life”? What do we think will make us happy? Fulfilled? Our culture provides all kinds of answers: being young; being skinny; having … Continue reading What Really Drives Our Poor Choices?

Why Do I Do the Things I Hate?

Finding an Answer I Wasn't Even Seeking Back in November I went to what my husband calls my “Bible geek conferences.” While reconnecting with friends from all over the world is probably my favorite part of these meetings, the exhibit halls full of “Bible geek books” runs a close second. I usually go with a … Continue reading Why Do I Do the Things I Hate?

Praying Scripture – 1/15/2020

While Psalm 1:1-2 describes the things that the "happy" or "blessed" person does and doesn't do, verse 3 offers a beautiful metaphor for this person: That person is like a tree planted by streams of water,which yields its fruit in seasonand whose leaf does not wither—whatever they do prospers.Psalm 1:3 NIV Father, Your word teaches … Continue reading Praying Scripture – 1/15/2020

How Can Confession Actually Change Things?

Recently we’ve been talking about the spiritual discipline of confession. (Speaking of confession, I love this song!) We've looked at the Scriptural call to confess our sins—to God and to one another. We've considered what confession is, including self-examination, acknowledgement of our sin, accepting God’s forgiveness, and changed lives. At one point I suggested that … Continue reading How Can Confession Actually Change Things?