Praying Scripture through Advent – 12/12/2021

As we start the third week of Advent, I hope you’ll join me in praying through today’s Advent reading in Isaiah from the Book of Common Prayer.

“Surely God is my salvation;
I will trust and not be afraid.
The LORD, the LORD himself, is my strength and my defense;
he has become my salvation.”
With joy you will draw water
from the wells of salvation.
In that day you will say:
“Give praise to the LORD, proclaim his name;
make known among the nations what he has done,
and proclaim that his name is exalted.
Sing to the Lord, for he has done glorious things;
let this be known to all the world.
Shout aloud and sing for joy, people of Zion,
for great is the Holy One of Israel among you.”

Isaiah 12:2-6 (NIV)

O LORD, Holy One of Israel who has torn down the dividing wall between Jew and Gentile, I join your people through time and space in praising You and exalting Your name. May all who know You not only praise You, but also tell of Your wondrous works. In Jesus, You became human, You shared in the experience of an embodied life, showing us what it looks like to be truly human, You died for our sins, You defeated death. Our Lord, Jesus, now sits at the right hand of the Father interceding for us. You have done marvelous things for all of humanity, but You have also proven faithful to me personally. Just as You delivered Your people in the exodus from Egypt, You, LORD, are my salvation. You, LORD, are the One whom I trust. You, LORD, are the One who enables me to live in peace and not fear whatever is happening around me. You, LORD, are my strength and defense. You, LORD, have not promised that I will not face difficulty; instead You have promised never to leave or forsake me. In the trials and difficulties of this life, You, LORD, will become my salvation. In the dry and parched desert, You, LORD, are the living water that strengthens and equips me for my journey. Help me to see Your work in my life and never take it for granted. Remind me to seek You and Your ways above all else. No matter my circumstances, fill me with Your peace and joy, LORD, that they may pour out in song, making known the glorious things that You have done. May Your people shout aloud and sing with joy for You, the great and Holy One of Israel, have given us life and the gift of Your presence. Amen.

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